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Here at First Ward, we are committed to becoming a "totally inclusive school." What this basically means is that discrimination in any form is not welcomed here. By creating an environment free from the adult conventions of bias and prejudice, FWCDC children focus on similarities between people, rather than differences. The idea is that by teaching acceptance in a highly interactive environment, children will recognize discrimination as ignorance when they inevitably face it growing up.

Total Inclusion - it's an idea we epitomize in our slogan, "Open Arms Open Minds."

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Eleanor Toliver,
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  • 5 Star Day-Care By State of NC
  • Emphasis on Development & Education
  • Homework Supervision

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  • Low Child-To-Teacher Ratio
  • Emphasis on Development & Education
  • Homework Supervision
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Field Trips To Enhance Learning
  • Planned Learning Activities
  • 5 Star Day-Care By State of NC

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